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flight-safetyFor frequent travelers, the airplane has become their bed and breakfast as it gives them a comfortable and unforgettable flight experience. Even those traveling on economy or coaches, they are used to in turbulence, delayed flights and even last a minute chance passenger.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about safety on the airplane.

1. Are there safe seats on the plane?

All seats are the same.  Even if you sit in the front, middle or back part of an airplane, there is no assurance that you will not be injured or you will be saved in case accidents happen.

2. Which aircraft model is the best?

All aircraft follow international standards. Starting with the aircraft design, engineers should follow the AS9100 aerospace standard to make sure that everything complies with the international quality management. Even if parts of the craft are taken from subcontractors or other third parties, these companies must also be assessed and needs to pass the security control in order to supply the need of the aerospace industry.

3. Am I sure of the pilot’s ability?

Before becoming a licensed pilot, one needs to study theories and must pass the flight aviation test or the practical test where they are allowed to maneuver a plane on their own. Given this, they should pass airline examinations prior to flying commercial flights. As airlines assured their aircraft through AS9100 Aerospace Standard, they are also meticulous on the person flying their craft.

Pilots continuously undergo training twice a year.

4. Is it safer to fly now as compared to decades ago?

Though it’s true that tragic accidents happen in the aviation world, the airline security was a lot safer now than decades ago. Technically speaking, the aerospace industry becomes stricter on the implementation safety rules and conduct from the production of the actual flight itself. Even pilots know that they are flying a safe vehicle and following the international quality standard.

5. Do I need to worry on take-off and landing?

Pilots are trained for safe takeoffs and landings. Though some airports require techniques and procedures for both, the modernized simulators guide the pilot to achieve a safe take-off and landing.

6. Will turbulence crash our aircraft?

Turbulence is a natural phenomenon. The bumpy movement while mid-air should not make passengers worry. The reason why passenger seat belt sign is on if for them to make comfortable while passing the turbulence. The seat-belt should be worn to avoid any injuries that might occur during the turbulence.

7. Are low cost airlines safe to fly?

There is no difference in flying low cost or flying business. All aircraft are treated the same and should comply with the international standards.

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